After doing all 48 states on the RedBird, I thought to myself - What about Alaska? Why not make it 49? The whole time I was planning this trip the old Johnny Horton song - "North To Alaska" kept playing through my head. This the tale of that trip and the surprises along the way. Hope that you enjoy it!    
It's A Long Way To Where I'm Headed
It's Really Just A Little Out Of The Way To North Dakota ...
Never Order Spaghetti At A Restaurant Called Granny's
Bear, Bear, Bear ...
Hello, Hyder
Chatty Morons, Glaciers, And A Dog Named Speed Bump
One Monster Burger Coming Up ...
The Oregon Coast - What A View!
The Avenue Of The Giants And The Mapinator
That Sad, Sinking Feeling Again ...
Miss Joyce And Don - What A Blessing And What A Driveway!
The Loneliest Road In America
I Ain't Never Seen One That Big ...
Mush-For-Brains And The Great Boat Race
I Smell The Feed And I'm Ready To Head To The Barn