Come ride with my friend Alain and me as we explore the Alcan Highway and the wonders of Alaska.   
I've been dreading and looking forward to this day for a while
Where are you from? Where are you headed?
A bunch of work trucks sitting in the parking lot around breakfast time
A short run up to the Lake Louise area and piddle around
Just like riding through a calendar
Like sitting in an easy chair - except the scenery keeps changing
I promised him I was coming back to see the Salmon Glacier
Today we will tackle the rest of the Cassiar
Just get on the ALCAN and ride for five hundred miles or so
Here comes a Bullwinkle leisurely strolling across the road
There is a place called 'The Southern Viewpoint'
They are not kidding when they say 'loose' gravel
The section of road that I have really been looking forward to riding
Watch out for the buffalo
Momma Moose is on this side enjoying a salty drink ....
There's nothing glamorous about knocking miles out
It's gonna get hotter and hotter every mile we travel
At least the monotony is sometimes broken by the scenery
If no drama occurs I'll be back in my beloved Holler