California 2016

Day 07

June 24

  Today will be a day out of the saddle. When I have to do lots of miles in a short period, I tried to plan for a day off or a real light day. This is good for the body and the mind to refresh my focus. Don has some friends of his he wants me to meet and he also has great spot picked out for breakfast - The Miner's Grill.  

Becky is the new 'proprietor' and from what I'm told, much better than the former one. I tell her -

"Smile as I take your picture. You'll be world famous from being on my website!'

We both laugh at that one.


I get an omelet this morning - my 'drug' of choice - and go yuppie again as I order avocados to go with it. It's some mighty fine vittles and I enjoy the banter with some of the regular locals enjoying their morning here.


After I am victorious in the field of battle before me, I tell Becky to give me both the checks. Don tells me -

"You don't have to do that."

I tell him with a grin -

"I ain't doing 'cause I have to. I'm doing 'cause I want to. You're putting up with me for a couple days and there ought to be some reward for that!"


Don points out the 'Frosty' across the street on our way out. He tells me -

"There'll be a antique car show there this afternoon."

  When we get back to the Casa Cortez, the World Famous Suki Dog is out and about. She lets me know that she is the Queen of the Manor in case I am interested. And even though she is Queen, she lets a commoner like me pet her for a while - only out of royal courtesy of course.  
  Don and Joyce also have a couple of outside cats, one who is friendly and one who is shy. But Suki has warned me that they are not up to her royal spec for they are but cats.  
  It's a pleasant morning as we enjoy the view from their upper deck. But as peaceful as it may seem, Don tells me there are lots of rattlesnakes around and that I need to be careful to watch where I walk - even around the garage. He almost stepped on a big boy the other day while he was out there.  
  As we head out, Don points out the trees dying from boring beetles. It's like a plague where whole hillsides are covered with stands of dying trees. It seems that in regular weather, the trees have enough sap to encapsulate the beetles but with the drought, they don't and beetles slowly kill the trees.  
  Several of Don's friends are custom car builders and collectors. Some of their work is pretty amazing. Later on in the afternoon we head back to the Frosty. The cars on display are immaculate from the Corvette Stingray - which is my favorite Corvette - ...  
  to a 1957 Chevy Nomad in incredible shape (with factory air added in such a way you would think it came that way) ...  
  to a lovely old Ford Pickup that has been restored and lowered.  
  There's even some 'hot rods' like this ...  
  and like these. The work on these machines is not only amazing but each one was driven here. So they are functional as well as beautiful.  
  We head back to house for great evening of solving more of the world's problems as only two experienced fellers like Don and me can do. Don also gives me a quicker way to get to Yosemite that spends less time in the park where the speed limits are low and the areas are heavily patrolled. It's a little longer but a lot quicker which is just what I need since I will be on backroads all day and I have 650+ miles to cover. Once again I will benefit from local knowledge as I fetch my laptop and change my route accordingly. Don and Joyce also have some more overnight guests that come in and we enjoy their company. But I know I need to hit the road early in the morning, so I wish all a good night and seek the place of fluffy pillows and sonorous music. It does not take me long to be right in the midst of the business at hand.