HIGHWAY 50 2017
  Come with me as I journey coast to coast across Highway 50 - The Main Street of the United States. It runs all the way continuously from Ocean City, Maryland on the Atlantic Ocean to Sacramento, California in the west. (And I rode the rest of the way to the Golden Gate Bridge since the highway used to go all the way to San Francisco!) Visit places like Pikes Peak, the ghost town of Thistle and the Extraterrestrial Highway along the way. It's a ride I've talked about for years and decided that there was no better time than now to finally do it.    

I'm Ready To Get My Head In The Wind
Sometimes It's Snake Eyes, Sometimes It's Not
Our Plan Is Working As Designed
You Name It And You Could Probably Find It On One Of The Shelves
It's A Long Lonesome Road But I Don't Mind My Own Company
Highway 50 Is Indeed The Main Street Of The USA
Soon Frost Begins To Really Struggle As The Air Gets Thinner
Is This Really Thistle Or Not?
And In A Flash, I'm Done
The Mystery Of Frogtown
Aliens Who Claim They Are From The Planet Moo
The Most Fierce Crosswinds I Have Ever Encountered
Did You Bring Me Any Biscuits?