This is unlike any ride that I have ever taken. My great, great grandfather, James Knox Polk Lowrance, enlisted in the Confederate Army at the age of 16. On this trip I am tracing his steps where his unit, the 17th Tennessee Infantry, fought. After over two years of detailed research, my desire is 'to stand where he stood' on the various battlefields and try to get a sense of what he experienced at that young age. As a child I remember clinging to the trouser's leg of his son, my great grandfather, so I was one physical touch away from JKP. He was captured at the Second Battle of Petersburg and interred at the Union POW Camp Elmira for the rest of the war. The camp at Elmira is a place that has almost been erased from the history books and yet it's death rate was close to the death rate at the notorious Confederate POW Camp Andersonville (25% vs 29%).This ride is not about politics or the rights or wrongs of the Civil War, but a trip through history as seen from a common foot soldier's perspective. Come go with us and see what we find.

Muster Point And The Battle Of Camp Wildcat
The Battle Of Mill Springs And The Battle Of Perryville
Back To The Holler
Home and Church
The Battle Of Stones River And Hoover's Gap
The Battle Of Chickamauga And Beans Station
The Second Battle Of Drewey's Bluff And The Shand House
The Second Battle Of Petersburg
Point Lookout POW Camp
Elmira POW Camp
Headed Back To The Holler
Home At Last