These pages will grow as long as the website continues. I take a lot of pictures while traveling on the bikes and so do many of my friends. This is just a random list of some of our favorites. I hope that you enjoy them as much as we did taking them!

The North Entrance to the Natchez Trace is about 10 miles from my house in Nashville, TN - which used to be the northernmost ranger station. I had it moved to my property and refurbished it. The South Entrance to Natchez Trace is in Natchez, Ms - right near the Mississippi River. A great, quiet, peaceful ride of 9 hours top to bottom.
Coop, who is a prince and one of my favorite riding buddies, took a flyer on a backroad off I 70 to head toward Moab, UT to meet Dennis Ryan. What a wonderful ride with a wonderful friend that day was! One of my joys is taking other riders on some of the roads that I enjoy. This is the start of the Triple P Rally in 2006 in the Holler.
Now this is a Hillbilly Mercedes if I ever saw one. Taken on the way to Falls Creek Falls. Falls Creek Falls is the tallest waterfall east of the Mississippi River. Yes - it is taller than Niagara Falls but not as wide. It just happens to be on one of the best motorcycle roads in Tennessee - Highway 30.
I took this shot on my New England state run just south of North Conway, NH. Still lots of snow around, but the roads were clear - and deserted. My friend, Tom McCrea and his lovely wife Jan took me out to supper and showed me this place in Ocean City, MD. The other end of Highway 50 ends in Sacramento, CA, and I had been there. I've ridden Highway 50 from Sacramento to Dodge City, KS. It is mostly 2 lane all the way across the states - sort of a Route 66 that has not been destroyed.
Finally made the Highway 50 ride from the East End above .... ... to the West End.


Up near Hot Springs, NC there's a restaurant that is a favorite stopping place of mine - the Smoky Mountain Diner. Notice the sign 'Attack Waitress'! But she's one of the best in the business that I've ever seen - and I've seen quite a few.