Come along with Alain and I as we ride over 5,000 miles aboard two wheels and experience the Land of Wonders - New Zealand.    
Been Looking Forward To This Day Since 2009
I've lost a day but I didn't pull a Rip VanWinkle
What does the name mean?
The ferry at Rawene (pronounced like raw weenie)
It is a something that you could only imagine in a story book
It looks a bit too much like wheel bearing grease to me
Well, I reckon a dog will love you when nobody else will
This is not the place to drift wide unless I really want to get wet
5 cadets arrived at Smedley Station in 1931
We have trained our motorcycles not to climb on to children
This is so boring compared to what you are doing
Then we arrive at the town of Bulls - it indeed is 'town like no udder'...
The South Island appears to be more 'beautifuller' that the North Island
A feller can tell a lot about a man by the condition of his animals
There's just something enjoyable about riding along the ocean
Made it a point to warn us of a 'difficult' bridge we would encounter
This poor thing is scared out of its wits as it tries to find a way
The highest paved road in New Zealand at 1,121 meters
The run to Glenorchy will turn out to be one of the most scenic
Milford Sound is not 'technically' a sound but is really a fjord
To see a hardware store like you've never seen before
Some where up there is Mount Cook, but you couldn't prove it by me
They have pretty much any machine a feller would want to ride
I know how this feller must feel losing his head and all
I will miss my friend as only one friend misses another