Having growed up in the country surrounded by those far wiser than what a book can teach you, I heard a lot of 'old sayings'. I've added a few from others and then some I've been saying for a while!    

When your duty is clear, do not consult your fears - General Stonewall Jackson, CSA

  Better to remain silent and thought a fool, than to speak up and remove all doubt - Abraham Lincoln    
  There's more to leading than being in front. The best leaders lead by example not by mouth. - Uncle Phil    
  Better to have something and not need it, than need something and not have it. - Uncle Phil    
  Better to want something and not have it, than to have something and not want it. - Uncle Phil    
  You can't 'unsay' words and you can't 'undo' deeds, so be careful about what you say and do. - Uncle Phil    
  If what you believe spiritually does not change you for the better, then what good is it? - Uncle Phil    
  I'd rather live in a hut by myself in peace than in a mansion with a crowd and trouble. - Uncle Phil    
  You won't be laying on your deathbed wishing you could've just worked one more day! - Uncle Phil    
  Many folks are the like the fellers that had a big tree that needed cutting down. They had committee meetings about where the tree was, what kind of saw they would use, what the best time of day to cut would be, who would be in charge, what kind of risks were involved, and on and on. Somehow they never got around to cutting down the tree. Most days, you'll be better off just grabbing a saw and going after it. The seat of do-nothing always has plenty of takers. - Uncle Phil    
  Some folks are wearing a ten dollar hat on a nickel head. - Uncle Phil    
  If you're not happy where you are, you will not be happy where you're going. If you're not happy with what you have, you will not be happy with what you get. True happiness comes from within not without. - Uncle Phil    
  An empty wagon makes the most noise. Just because there's a bunch of thunder don't necessarily mean there's any rain coming with it - Uncle Phil    
  The older I get, the more I realize that I can always make more money, but I can't make more time. - Uncle Phil    
  Your kids remember what you do 'with' them a lot longer than what you do 'for' them. It's the fishing trips that linger in our minds more than the fishing pole. - Uncle Phil    
  You only get one shot at this life. Some days you'll fly and some days you'll fall. Live so when your toes turn up, there'll be lots of folks at your funeral - not just to collect an inheritance and smell the flowers. - Uncle Phil    
If we all determine to leave people and places a little better than we found them, think what a difference that would make. You can start with a simple act of picking up a piece of trash on the ground and putting it in a proper receptacle or just saying an encouraging word to someone. - Uncle Phil
  You can pull a string a lot farther than you can push a string. The same can be said about people too. - Uncle Phil    
  The length of a string does not determine the quality of a string. That's true about rides and lives also. - Uncle Phil    
  The reason most folks wander around this world with a cell phone stuck to their ear is they can't stand the thought of being alone with themselves and their thoughts. - Uncle Phil    
  The most dangerous man in the world is the one who doesn't know what he doesn't know. - Uncle Phil    
  If you learn to keep your mouth shut at the right times, there will be fewer times you have to pull your foot out of it. - Uncle Phil    
  Memories are like candy - a lot more enjoyable when they are sweet. - Uncle Phil    
  The U.S. Declaration of Independence entitles us to 'the pursuit of happiness' - not happiness. Best I can determine that means we are to get after it, not sit back on the seat of 'do nothing' and expect it to fall into our laps. - Uncle Phil    
  He who aims at nothing usually ends up hitting it. - Uncle Phil    
  A man is mighty small that is too big to say "I was wrong - I am sorry". - Uncle Phil    
  You should never run from the truth - even if it don't suit you. The key is making sure it is the truth, not some well polished fable made up to suit folks' fancies. - Uncle Phil    
  The heart cannot receive what the seat cannot endure - so keep your sermons short. - Uncle Phil    
  If life ain't an adventure, then it's just a slow stroll to the grave. - Uncle Phil