BamaRider and I had talked a lot about meeting in the Colorado Rockies and spend some days exploring the area. He would be coming from the West and I would becoming from the East - well, sort of. I decided I would work in Beartooth Pass and Lolo Pass while I was out and then double back to meet Guy in Montrose. Come ride with us on the Million Dollar Highway and some of the most beautiful mountain scenery you can imagine.

Man, Ain't You Hot In That Suit?
Everybody's Gotta Learn And Today Is Your Day
Then I Come To Tweedle Dee And Tweedle Dum At Beartooth Pass
Lolo Pass Has Plenty Of Miles Of Smiles
Does Twin Falls Have A Falls?
I Feel Like Giving You A Great Big Hug - But I Won't
There Seldom Is A Guardrail To Be Seen
Hog's Breath Is Better Than No Breath
They March In Silent Cadence Toward The Horizon