After putting so many miles on the Redbird and riding over 4000 miles on the new ST1300, I decided what I really wanted was another ST1100. This was an emotional choice not a rational choice, but I just like the ST1100 better than I do the ST1300. I wanted a brand new ABS model, never licensed and never ridden. The problem was that they quit making them in 2002 and it was 2004! But a dear riding friend of mine, Ron Epperly, found one at a dealership in Florida and told me about it. I called them, told them to prep the bike, and Sharyn and I drove down to pick it up. When they turned her over to me on Halloween Day, 2004, she had 50 miles after they serviced and tested it. She has well over 100,000 miles on her now and will have more as time passes. I split my riding time between the three bikes which is a lot of fun. I have taken pictures of the SweetTreat in front of the lower 49 stateline signs which you can see by clicking on the STATELINE button.   
 It was a real challenge what to call her, but I wanted to name her something appropriate. It finally came to me - how sweet it was to find exactly what I wanted. Out in the country where I grew up, you call getting something that suits you well a 'real treat'. So that's where she got the name - SweetTreat.