BamaRider and I took this trip to visit all of the great folks we had met online who were holding a rally in the United Kingdom. Dave Whitley had graciously offered to give us a little taste of Scotland also. So come ride with us as we learn to ride on the proper side of the road, learn how negotiate roundabouts, see which goes first on a scone - cream or jam, and other such important things.


Looks Like He's Been On A 2 Day Drunk
The Lord Sure Is Definitely Looking Out For Us
We Ascend From The ‘Depths'
Watch Out. Don't Drop Your Keys
You Ride These Roads Like You've Ridden Them All Of Your Life
To Appreciate The Dynamics Of The ‘Scottish Traffic Jam'
It Was A Top Secret Event And There Would Be Bombing
What Macbeth must be like with the roaring ocean as a backdrop
Well, We Believe It Was Built In The 1400s
Come Mates, We Need To Get Along
I'm A Bit Like A Mule That Smells His Alfalfa