When Peter Mallon and the UK Group talked about a ride that would take in a week in Scotland and and week in Ireland, I just could not resist. I had just enough taste of Scotland with Dave Whitley last year to know I wanted to see more of it. And Ireland was one of those places I also really wanted to ride. So here I go off again, this time without the company of BamaRider to see the land of my ancestors, learn about how to get beat badly in pub pool and the fine nuances of dart throwing. And did I mention that delightful Scottish delicacy, haggis? So come ride with me and my British friends as we negotiate single track roads, flee from the midges, and travel to other interesting places.

It is a sharp remedy, but a sure cure for all ills
They have prepared a 'Sunday Roast' for me
Seems as if some Norse invaders pulled off their shoes
Bed of rocks in a cold place
He's gonna move over a little bit. Surely he's gonna ...
Around 673 AD a group of monks came from Ireland
Surely he's going to stop and turn around
Well, it sounds just like what we call chittlin's back home
I can see a rainbow faintly painted in the darkened skies
There are strange noises coming from with in
In Ireland, lived a gentle giant called Finn MacCool
Because the original monks wore white habits
A Stone that whoever kisses never misses ...
But then I see my poison of choice