WEST 2002

As I related in my personal history, my desire early on was to one day ride out to the western part of the United States. Finally in the summer of 2002 my ride of a lifetime came true. Come ride with me as I travel over most of the western states, and find a home away from home. Hope that you enjoy it!

On The Morning I Have Been Waiting 34 Years For
Rapid City Is A Long Way From Where We Sit
Hey You, Whatcha' Doin' In My ‘Hood?
I Sure Don't Feel Like Being Bear Bait Today
I'm Fixin To Dump My Cookies All Over The Fine Streets
Purple Mountain Majesties And Amber Waves Of Grain
Hey Mister, Got Anything For A Poor Starving Monk?
If You Was Hungry, Where Would You Eat Around Here?
But It Ain't My First Rodeo, So I Look Forward To It
His Lovely Wife Has Fled This Lovely Place
You Can Check Out, But You Can Never Leave
There Are Some Really Weird Folks That Live There
They Both Wish They Could Travel By Bike
Once Upon A Midnight Dreary, While I Pondered
It Looks A Lot Like A Three Masted Sailing Ship
This Constant Traffic Jam Of People Trying To Pass