For those who might be interested, I'll try to keep this area current with what my near future rides are and other such trivia. If I'm going to be in your area, drop me an e-mail at UnclePhilus@hotmail.com and if possible we can grab a bite to eat. Hope to see you on the road!


Planned Rides And Such

1. After another aneurysm repair in my right leg which reduced some circulation, I am slowly getting back at it. The left leg is at about 60 percent blood flow but it is working and that's what matters most. The right one is not as bad but I do have to deal with the pain from lack of circulation when I do my morning walks. But I can still ride and for that I am very thankful.

2. The 22nd Blue Ridge Gathering was held in Hot Springs, NC at the Hot Springs Campground and Resort again in 2023. Nothing formal, just some folks meeting up to ride and eat, and eat and ride. We are looking forward to having it there again in 2024 as it provides facilities for campers, cabins, RVers and motelers plus there are 3 restaurants in walking distance from the campgrounds.

3. My knees are doing just fine and I can honestly say that I would not know that I had a replacement if it were not for the scars and some activities that I avoid to prolong the life of the implants. Currently I am walking three miles a day.

4. On November 8th, 2021 I started another orthopedic 'adventure'. Unfortunately, arthritis is a constant companion for me, but not a pleasant one. Both of my shoulders had no cartilage left in them, so I had a complete replacement on the left one. I was able to progress enough that I could get my right shoulder replaced on January 31st. This was the longest I have been without riding since I joined the USMC back in 1971 (18 months without riding) - and it's been tough for me. But I've finally gotten back into the saddle slowly but surely.

5. I've finally finished the write-up for my Alaska trip. You can read all about it here.

6. While on a ride down south RedBird was severely damaged after 179,000+ miles of faithful service in a traffic accident. I suffered four broken ribs on my right side - 3, 4, 5 and 6 after suffering two broken ribs (5 and 6) on my left side back in my July ride to Alaska. I have now finished the process of repairing and converting her to an ABS model like the other three ST1100s I own. Read about her test ride here.

7. I just finished my first ride of 2024 here.

8. Due to my numerous surgeries starting in September 2021 and continuing into 2022 and my wife's fall and ensuing surgeries, I was not been able to ride as much as I usually do in 2022. I ended 2023 with almost 36,000 miles.

9. If all goes as planned, I will be riding Highway 93 this summer that starts near Phoenix and runs north all the way to the Canadian border.

Keep tuned in, cause you just never know where I might show up ....

You can reach me at UnclePhilus@hotmail.com any time as I check it regularly unless I'm on the road. If you have questions about the site, or touring, places I've been or such, I'll be glad to share what little I know. Thanks for stopping by!