This was the first really long trip that I rode with BamaRider. We were supposed to camp most of the way, so I packed accordingly - 0 degree sleeping bag, air mattress, warm clothes, etc. As the ride unfolded, I could have left my camping gear at the house. Come ride along with us!    
What Are Those Things, Buzzards?
A Broken Windshield And A Fire
You're Gonna Put Ketchup On That Steak ...
Are You Carrying Any Firearms?
Misha, Sago, and the Non Cat
If I Just Open My Big Mouth Wide Enough ...
What Do You Have In Those Bags?
There'd Either Be A Glass Of Tea Or A Shotgun
Cheapest Motel In Connecticut
Your Buddy Got A Radio ...
Bedford And The Story Of D-Day
Fog, Drizzle, And The Blue Ridge Parkway