Canada 2018

Day 16

August 5

  Breakfast is calling my name as my stomach is sending messages to my brain to see if my throat has been cut. Fortunately it is a short walk to the next door Cracker Barrel.  
  I figure some more of that memory soothing hot chocolate is in order since I should be in the Holler in my own bed tonight.  

It's kind of funny as I generally order the same thing for breakfast at the Cracker Barrel. As I tell my server -

"We can do all this in one deal" and I give her what I want without looking at the menu.

She says "Nothing like a man that knows what he wants" and we both have a good laugh.

  Its good and it hits the spot and there's nothing left much when I'm done - which is as it should be.  
  But I've still got over 500 miles before I get to the house so I settle up, get Frost loaded and we're on the road. I79 will be the path all the way to Charleston then I64 to Lexington, then the Bluegrass Parkway to I65 then I40 to the Holler. I've done this run a bunch of times over the years so there should be no surprises.  
  There's a little fog out but looks like the skies are going to be clear for now.  
  But then there's always the construction zones to keep you on your toes and on the racket strips.  
  Soon I'm in Kentucky and that means only one more state line that I've got to cross.  
  I decide I'll go around Lexington today and take the 127 bypass to the Bluegrass Parkway instead of through town like I usually do. It is a little longer but it sure avoids a bunch of stop and go traffic and stop lights to have to fool with. It moves to the front of my wetware as the way to come and go when in this part of the country.  
  Before long, I'm on I65 and southward bound toward my Beloved Holler.  
  And finally I cross the last of the state line signs for today and for that I am thankful. From here it's less than 50 miles and I'll be home.  

When I pull into the Holler, my sweet Lady Bug comes out to greet me. And as always, she asks in hopeful anticipation -

"Well Daddy, did you bring me anything?"

To her delight, I give her a couple of biscuits from my Cracker Barrel Breakfast and she makes short work of them.


After 6,636 miles in 16 days, numerous ferry rides, all sorts of interesting scenery and such, I am glad to be home. I know in less than two weeks I'm back to the surgical suite to get my left hand and elbow repaired. But I've been able to once again ride while I can and make the thing that you get to take with you from this world -