Canada 2018
  Here we go again - my friend Alain and I off to the Canadian Maritines but this time we'll visit Newfoundland.   

Past ready to get some wind in my face
Served by none other than the lovely Miss Jackie herself
And I do mean squeeze ...
I reckon that the moose must drive cars in this area
The signs to our room are not intuitively obvious
Soon we have another new name for this place - 'Newpotholeyland'.
They persist in the persecution of the poor moose
Vinland - what Leif Erickson called this place
Or it could be one of his brothers, Mr. Bacon or Mr. Ham.
Soon that nasty rascal Mr. Fog has located and descended up on us.
The condition of the outside often reflects the conditions on the inside.
The photophone was the greatest invention I have ever made
Alas and alack I had hoped to escape them this time
You've got to know when to hold 'em, and when to fold 'em
The mug of hot chocolate assuages my failing memory
Nothing like a man that knows what he wants