DAY RIDE 2/20/2016

Doing A Little Exploring

February 20, 2016
It's not often you get a 60 degree, dry day in February in Tennessee. Andy and I have been watching the weather all week, hoping it will hold for Saturday. We decide to pull the trigger and go for it. Since Frost has the best set of tires, she gets the honors this morning.
  I head out to meet Andy at the Cracker Barrel on I24. We figure we'll slab it a bit to save time in getting to our 'exploration' area - after a good breakfast of pig meat and heat fruit of course.

Of all the Cracker Barrels I have partook of, they are usually have good food, pleasant service and reasonable prices. We've met here before so I expect and get no less this morning. Over our grub, we thrash around where we are going and how to get there. I tell him -

"There's a couple of roads off 30 I've been by a bunch and I figure we'll give 'em a try and see where we end up."

Andy and I have been riding together since bicycle days, and he's my favorite riding partner. I can trust him with my life and I know he's a skilled and watchful rider.

  After taking our fill of good grub, we jump back on I24 for a short run down to Beech Grove.
  From there we hit 280 and then I decide we'll take a backdoor run-around McMinnville through Beersheba Springs. I give a big wave to the Amish buggy as we pass by and they wave back.
  The weather looks like it might be a bit iffy as we head for the high country, but we'll deal with it as need be.
  This run takes us through the booming metropolis of Viola, population of about 130 on a good day. It holds the distinction of being named Viola, the fictional character in Shakespeare's play Twelfth Night.
  It still looks a little 'wet' up ahead, but we figure we can stop and put on our raingear if need be.
  The roads leading up to Beersheba Springs ...
  and through Beersheba Springs ...
  and after Beersheba Springs are mighty fine - if you like twisted, convulsing asphalt.
  There's nothing much finer that riding good roads on a nice day with a great friend.  
  We take a little detour off of 30 to check out some roads, then hook a loop through Spencer and then back on 30 toward Falls Creek Falls.  
  We figure the Falls will be running well since we've had a lot of rain lately and we are not disappointed. Fall Creek Falls, at 256 feet, is one of the highest waterfalls in the eastern United States. To put it in perspective, Niagara Falls is only 167 feet.  
  I love Andy's new ride - a Ducati Scrambler. Compared to mine ST1100, it weighs no more than a bicycle and runs like a mad banshee. He has no trouble at all keeping up with me as I lumber along.  
  We decide we'll run back a little different way than we came.  
  But it's as delightful as the way coming up, so we have no complaints.
  Far too soon, we are back at the slab and heading toward Nashville so we can get to our homes at a respectable hour.  
  It's been a great day as usual riding with my friend. We wave good-bye as he peels off to head for his house and I continue on to the West side of Nashville back to the Holler. Not a bad ride for the middle of February, not bad at all.