Since I do a lot more riding than just long trips, I decided to start adding some of my shorter rides. Sometimes it will only be a few hours, sometimes it may be for a few days. I hope this will encourage folks to get out and ride with what time they have. I am blessed to live in Tennessee, where the roads are fine and the traffic is usually light and there's something to see around every corner ...

'So many roads, so little time ...'


A Little Run Down The Trace With My Honey
Dennis, Reg and I Visit C.B. and Miss Wilma
The Annual Triple P and FriendSToc Rally
We Head To The 2008 Blue Ridge Gathering
Two Friends Out For The Day
Just What Possesses A Feller To Get Up
A Good Excuse To Go For A Little Run
Ride To the FriendSToc Rally and the Triple J
A New Road And Some Old Memories
A Day Of Answers
Taking Care Of Business
Breaking Out Of Jail
Fixin' What TN DOT Broke
Ride To Moonshine 2012
It's About Time
The Pickle Run
In Need Of A Ride
What A Day For A Ride
Ride To Moonshine 2015
Just A Little Ride For BBQ ... And A Friend
Time To Explore
Up To Pennsylvania
Last Ride Of The Year 2016
Last Ride For A While
Today Is As Good A Day As Any
We Head To The 2017 Blue Ridge Gathering
Time For A Break
Ride To Moonshine 2018
Some Time In The Wind
Can I Go Or No?
Any Old Excuse Will Do
A Little Ride Before The Ride
A Christmas Present For Me
Escaping The Madness
To Honor A Friend
A Ride To See My Friend
The Twentieth Blue Ridge Gathering
Last Ride Of The Year 2021
Last Last Ride Of The Year 2021
In Honor Of A Fallen Friend
Let's See How She Runs
Last Ride Of The Year 2022
Time To Get Out And Ride
Wonder How It Will Be
RedBird Flies Again