DAY RIDE 1/26/2019

Any Old Excuse Will Do

January 26, 2019
  I have some chores I need to get done around the house today as I have been putting them off partly because of laziness and partly because of the weather. With the weather 'excuse' removed, I remove the 'laziness' excuse and get after them. Much to my pleasant surprise, I'm all done right about lunch time. Which just goes to show if we'll just jump and get after it, the tasks are usually not as bad as we expect. Since the weather is fairly passable and I still have quite a few hours of daylight, I figure I might as well take a little saunter out on one of the girls. I just put new tires on SweetTreat that need to be scrubbed in, so she gets the duties for today.  
  As usual, the Biscuit Queen is there to see me off but she's not too excited. Given the late hour of the day, she knows I'll probably not be stopping to eat anywhere which greatly diminishes her opportunity to be recipient of some biscuits or rolls.
  I decide I'll head up River Road after a little run down Old Charlotte Pike, a very nice piece of asphaltic pleasure up in the hills behind my house. I am so blessed to be surrounded by great roads in most directions that I ride.  
  Old Charlotte drops right onto River Road. This road plays hide and seek with the Cumberland River. There are places you can see it clearly and places you would have no idea that a major river was any where near you.
  But it kisses and makes up with the river before it finally comes to an end.  
  I hang a right where I usually hang a left I head to the bustling metropolis of Ashland City. I've decided I'll run highway 49 east instead of west today. West is a delightful run but I'm in the mood for some exploring.
  Highway 49 starts out pretty good as it makes it's way to Springfield, but the traffic is a little too heavy for me as I get closer to Springfield.
  I decide to turn off on a side road that looks interesting and it proves to be so.
  It finally ends up crossing highway 12 which will take be back to Ashland City. I then figure I'll go west on 49 and see what strikes my fancy. I notice that the Cumberland is really up from all the rains we've had recently.
  On the way I decide I'll make a left on highway 250, another gem in my catalog of good roads. The nice thing about having so many committed to memory is I can just route on the fly as my fancy dictates.
  Highway 250 is another piece of asphaltic heaven with little traffic, great pavement, and plenty of curves.
  About halfway through I usually hang a left at the caboose but I decide today I'll just run 250 through Claylick to 47 instead of my usual run by the Narrows of the Harpeth.
  It's a pleasant run to 47, but 47 will take me through White Bluff and onto highway 70. That's not a bad ride, but today I'm looking for something different. I find what appears to be a pretty good road off to the left in the general direction I want to go.
  Along the way I come upon this lovely sight - icicle waterfalls and just have to stop and take a picture to make sure I get it captured.
  As it turns out, this series of roads ends up putting me back towards the end of where I usually route and right by the Narrows of the Harpeth anyway. I can make it from here with my eyes closed, but I don't. Before long I am back in my beloved Holler and back to the Biscuit Queen - Lady Bug. When she finds out for certain that there are no baked goods to be tendered, she faints in mock displeasure.  

Its been a short run of just over 100 miles, but it feels good to get out and about on two wheels again. Riding refreshes my brain and my spirit and I was in much need of that. And as I've said before

The length of the string does not determine the quality of the string!