TEXAS 2023

Day 02

March 7

  Today should be a short run of just over 350 miles across Louisiana and into Texas. I get SweetTreat ready to roll and we are off like a dirty shirt.  
  It's short hop to the bridge that will take me across the Mississippi River and into Louisiana.  
  Louisiana is an interesting state with interestingly named places like Frogmore.  
  As I ride along I see this railroad drawbridge off in the distance.  
  For the most part, I have the highway all to myself this morning which I really like.  
  When I come to DeQuincy, I usually take a short 'detour' to run by their old train station which they have preserved and turned into a museum. It is a pretty building, maybe not on the grand scale of some back east, but still interesting to me.  
  Breakfast is nonexistent this morning as I have not seen anywhere of interest so far. It's time for gas so this will work for me.  
  As it turns out, they have a deli inside and one of the things they can make is a BBQ brisket sandwich on cheese bread. The lady behind the counter fixes me right up and it is love from the first bite. I have not had such a delicious sandwich in a long time. She didn't scrimp on the brisket and it is mighty fine. So if you are ever passing through Starks, LA and are the least bit hungry, this is the place to stop!  
  As I move along, I come to some construction. It turns out of be six bridges in a row that are being rebuilt all at the same time.  
  I finally cross over into Texas which will be my place of rest for the next few days if all goes as planned.  
  When I look the way I am headed, the skies look pretty bad for the home team. But I figure I'll just keep rolling and take my chances today.  
  When I pass through Bridge City and see these hump bridges, I can't help but think of C.B. and Wilma, my dear friends who used to live in nearby Port Neches. We lost both of them, Wilma first in 2020 then C.B. in 2021. They were always glad to see this old hillbilly and took mighty fine care of me. I still miss them and will continue to do so.  
  Further along I see these poles and they just look like opposing soldiers facing off before a battle.  
  Soon I am running alongside the ocean to my left. There's just something about riding along the ocean that appeals to me.  
  I've seen houses up on stilts but this one is really way up there and I can't see any steps going up to it. I guess that keeps the riffraff out of it for sure.  
  And once again I have the road and the ocean all to myself which is the sort of peaceful view I am looking for.  
  Before long I come to the free ferry that will take me into Galveston.  
  It's a nice little run and I spot a freighter plying its way out to sea.  
  But once I land in Galveston, the 'pleasantness' comes to an abrupt halt. It is one traffic light after another - each about 100 yards a part and timed to make sure you have to stop at each one. I make a mental note to avoid this place in the future like the plague. When I finally get through that mess, I arrive at the rental company and get my keys to the beachhouse I have rented for the next few days.  
  When I park SweetTreat, unburden her, and get my stuff upstairs I am so tickled I almost shout. This is exactly what I am looking for - a place with an unobstructed view of the ocean and a deck where I can just sit and watch the waves roll in.  
  The wonderful lady at the rental company gives me good instructions on how to make the 15 mile journey to the local Krogers. I get enough groceries to see me through my three nights here as I do not plan to get out much. My first supper on the deck is a good old ribeye steak, baked tater, a wonderful salad (a little sweetening of course) and ...  
  an incredible view. What more could a feller want?  
  After supper, I just sit out on the deck, enjoy the gentle breeze and watch the moon come up.  
  Finally I wander back into the house and fall into a peaceful slumber, still hearing the gentle waves as they wash onto the beach.