TEXAS 2023

Day 03

March 8

  What a way to start a day with a meal like this with plenteous and proper hen fruit and pig meat and ...  
a view like this -  
This morning I decide to do a little beach walking but not too far as all I have are my river sandals.  
I go one way then the other way and enjoy the absence of other people. I probably will go out tonight for supper but that is the only 'planned' excursion on my agenda.  
I do have a few visitors - some less welcome than others (this one is about four feet long with 2-4 rattles on its tail).  
Another group of visitors just do a fly by - but I am impressed by the length of the 'train'.  
Then there are some of the 'human' type ...  
but finally there are none.  
I decide I will go out to get some fresh seafood at one of the few nearby restaurants. The scallops are fresh but the whole deal is certainly nothing to write home to momma about other than the very high price - about $6 per scallop.  
I'm glad to get back to my haven and once again enjoy the soothing breeze and the sounds of the waves as the sun goes down. I make a mental note that the next time I come I'll stop by one of the local seafood shops and buy my own fresh stuff and cook it.  
It's been another great and peaceful day for me - exactly what this old hillbilly needs. I pass off into another easy slumber with very little fanfare.