TEXAS 2023

Day 05

March 10

  I figure I might as well cook up what I have left for breakfast so I have much more than I can eat. I don't go out to the deck dining room as I need to get on the road as soon as possible.  
  I get SweetTreat loaded up and ready go and ...  
  then I take one more long last look before I leave. This place has been just the 'tonic' that I needed and I am very thankful for it.  
  It is really foggy and cool out this morning as I make my way to the rental office to drop off the keys.  
  With that out of the way, I make my way towards Houston as I do not want to face the 'traffic light land' of Galveston. Along the way I see a refinery doing a 'burn off' which I always find interesting visually.  
  I routed to avoid Galveston and the traffic which is a great theory until I hit a abomination of a construction zone going by my alternate route. Some days it's just like that and there's nothing you can do except suck it up and go on.  
  I finally escape the construction zone and get back to a workable four lane which makes it a lot easier.  
  Off to my right I see bunches of cranes that look like giant storks. I presume they must be for offloading container ships.  
  Soon I am out of Texas and back into Louisiana and the back roads.  
  I see a crop duster plying his trade - which is to get close enough to the ground to spray the crops but not so close as to spray the plane on the ground.  
  Once again it don't look pretty up ahead but I do see some light sky so I figure I'll chance it.  
  My run up 165 ends at Alexandria and I know it won't be much longer before ...  
  I cross the Mississippi River and I am back in Natchez.  
  Once I am in Natchez it is a short run to my beloved Trace which I will be taking up to Jackson, MS.  
  When I see this sign, it pretty well lays out what the rest of today and tomorrow will be. A hundred more miles for today, and around three hundred and fifty miles for tomorrow.  
  Once again the Trace is all my own and for that I am very thankful.  
  It seems as if the very trees are bending over to welcome me back on my return journey.  
  After a short interstate run, I arrive at the Super 8 that I booked for my return.  
  It's in a less than desirable neighborhood, so I make sure SweetTreat is properly covered up.  
  I'm thinking about walking down a bit to the local Cracker Barrel but I decide I don't like the looks of the area. I munch down some tater chips that I had left from my beach stay and that's enough nourishment for now. I drift off into a restful sleep, missing the ocean lullaby I have enjoyed for the past three nights.