TEXAS 2023

Day 04

March 9

  Since this is my last day in this section of paradise, I don't plan to get out at all. I do get up early enough this morning to watch the sun rise over the ocean.  
  And once again I have a scrumptious breakfast laid out before me and ...  
  a magnificent view from my 'dining' room. This has been a very needful and refreshing time for me but I know tomorrow it is back on the road to the Holler.  
  And once again I see the 'train' and I guess they are headed back to their day job once more.  

Out on the beach I see a lonesome long tailed black bird that had buzzed me earlier looking for a handout. I gave him some friendly advice at breakfast -

"Don't try to bum food from a fat man - it's a losing proposition."

  The day passes far swifter than I would like and before long the sun starts to set and it is supper time. Once again I prepare a wonderful ribeye steak, baked tater and salad.  
  And I sit and enjoy my wonderful view one more time.  
  Since it is my last night here, I spend a bit longer out on the deck enjoying the sights and sounds of the ocean. I can barely make out the lights of several drilling platforms far out in the Gulf.  
  Finally I come in, pack what I can pack, clean up what I need to, and get ready for bed. I try to embed the ocean sounds and the gentle breeze into the 'recording album' in my head for future reference. Soon exhausted by the effort, I am out like a lantern in a hurricane.