WEST 2009

This would not be a trip for the faint-hearted - 8,000+ miles in 19 days! But Andy and Dave both have ridden many miles with me so I know they are up for the challenge. Come along with Dave, Andy and me as we immerse ourselves in the sights and the sounds of the Western region of the United States as you can only do on two wheels. You can also find Dave's version of the Trip here!

The Days Leading Up To The Trip Move Imperceptibly
I Need To Pull Off - I'm Getting A Little Bit Cold
To Chimneys That Reach Up And Scratch The Sky
As The Only Enemy Pursuing Us Is Time
Little Do I know What Surprise Awaits Me Just Outside The Door
Dave Starts The "Standard Dave Refueling Procedure"
Why Are You Stopping In Mitchell?"
Our Timing Was Better Than Olympic Synchronized Swimming
This Is A Special Place For Me - An Arbor Of Quiet And Solitude
I See Some Nasty Bums Parked Right Out In Front Of Your House
Echos Off The Deserted Surroundings In A Haunting, Minor Key
Don't Open The Oven Door Yet - The Brit's Still Pink
Why Any Self Respecting Mule Would Be Wearing A Fur Coat
Ancient Cathedral Spires Carved In The Rock
Well Big Boy You're In A Fine Pickle Now
Dave Found Barney But I Don't Know Where Fred Went
The Mongolian Hordes Descend From The Steppes
With A Little Sadness In My Heart
Way Before The Sun Peeks It's Head Above The Horizon